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Dan Guardino

I am a Hollywood screenwriter currently represented by Legacies… a Literary Agency, WGA Signatory Agent. I am currently the Chief Script Consultant for Rolling Seas Promotions.


GLASS HOUSE is an action-packed paranormal/thriller adapted from Ariana Overton’s “Glass House Trilogy.” Charlie Picerni Sr. is attached as both the producer and the director. Plot Summary: “Glass House” will take you deep into the mysteries surrounding the continent of Australia, from its barren deserts to the depths of its tropical rainforest and even deeper into its mysterious mountains.

TAPESTRY is a time-travel action packed thriller adapted from Ariana Overton’s novel “Tapestry.” Vic Armstrong is attached as the director. Plot Summary: Tapestry unfolds through an intricately woven story taking you on a journey through the realms of intrigue, murder, lies and truth!

OUTSIDE TIME is a young adult time travel action-adventure adapted from Cathy Miller’s novels “Outside Time” and “Regardless of Time.” Charlie Picerni Sr. is attached as the director. Plot Summary: Instead of the spring rainstorm they can hear pounding on the side of house, twins Kara and Carl are surprised to see bright sunlight beyond the study window… and they are not alone. A shaggy-haired barbarian strides across the clearing in front of them, a dead deer draped over his pack pony. In an attempt to get a better look, Carl unintentionally falls into the other world and pulls Kara with him. The window to their world closes behind them. They are sixteen and they are trapped in the wilds of King Arthur's Britain.

HOT STUFF is an action adventure adapted from Flo Fitzpatrick’s novel “Hot Stuff.” Kensington Media and Josette Perrotta are attached as the producers and Vic Armstrong is attached as the director. Plot Summary: Tempe Walsh is fluent in ten languages and can't say no to adventure in any of them. She finds herself in Mumbai, India and her mission is to find the priceless and mysterious statue known as Shiva's Diva.

BEYOND PARADISE is a true story based on the life of Ramon Navarro. I was hired by Americana Films to write the adaptation from the novel “Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Navarro” by Andre Soares.

THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS is a crime-thriller adapted from Ariana Overton’s novel “The Devil is in the Details.” The screenplay was recently optioned to My Own Worst Enemy for production. : Plot Summary: Someone is killing women in a bizarre fashion. Holidays are supposed to be a special time of year but the holidays in this town are turning into nightmares. FBI agent Jake Daniels gathers his team: a high-brow psychiatrist from San Francisco, an Aussie cop on loan, an ex-cop who did time for murder and an ex-pro football player who has something to prove.


MY OWN WORST ENEMY is a comedy/drama I am currently co-writing with film producer Michael Z. Gordon, on assignment. Plot Summary: Based on actual events Michael Z. Gordon recognized the start of a new era in music back in the late 1950s and wrote his first hit song " Surfer's Stomp" and formed The Marketts. Michael Gordon toured with The Marketts until he decided to form a new group, The Routers, and recorded the national hit song, "Let's Go!" A year later Michael re-visited the Marketts and wrote the smash hit "Outer Limits", which went to #1 in the nation Top 40 charts and earned the music and movie producer his first BMI award.

WEB OF DECEPTIONS is a crime story derived from actual events. A con man’s victim turns the tables and cons the con man into paying for his own hit.


PLACE OF REFUGE is a page one rewrite I was consigned for by Carmen Stevens Productions. Plot Summary: When some rare ki’i (tiki statues) are discovered in Hawaii, an ambitious archaeologist senses a powerful connection with them and recalls the magical adventures of her Hawaiian sorcerer ancestor.

HEART STOPPER is a crime thriller I was hired as Script Consultant to work on by My Own Worst Enemy Productions. Plot Summary: Trapped in a loveless marriage a miserable and lonely man embarks on an affair with a beautiful young flight attendant, his one indiscretion draws him into the worst possible nightmare.

SOMETHING IN THE WATER is a dark thriller that lends itself to the iconic horror surf films of the 1960’s. I was hired by My Own Worst Enemy Productions as Script Consultant to work on the project. This script is currently in the development stages of production.


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