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Scarab Series lifts from the tombs of Egyptian Kings!

Book Review by Miss T. (Book A Day Teacher)Lancaster, PA.- for "Scarab".

This review is for "The Amarnan Kings Book 4: Scarab - Ay". "There are six books in this series, and I would recommend reading them in order so the outer story (archaeologists find Egyptian tomb in unexpected location; consequences ensue; which wraps up in Descendants (#6) and the inner story (the reigns of Kings Ahkenaten (#1), Smenkahre (#2), Tutankhamun (#3), Ay (#4) and Horemheb (#5) ) proceed chronologically and make sense. There are references in the books referring to people or events from previous books in the series, but not to the extent that requires one to read in order.

This book about Ay, the commoner who became pharaoh through devious means, makes it difficult to say one likes it because Ay is such a slimy creep. However, it very clearly explains what happened after the death of young King Tutankhamun. This is a novel, so the main character(s) of inner and outer stories are fictional. What I liked about the series was that it was very easy to read. All of the books have sections in which most of the characters are named, pronunciation given (so one can pronounce it correctly in the mind) and location names identified. Not a negative comment really, but the books should include a map which pinpoints the cities named in the narrative. It would help with the directions in Egypt. When travelling south, they travel from Lower Egypt to Upper Egypt against the Nile current; when traveling north, they travel from Upper Egypt to Lower Egypt with the Nile's current. The Nile flows north to the delta, so its source is in the south [rather than North as is true with Mississippi River, Danube, etc.] which makes that area Upper because the river begins there. Lower is where the Nile ends up and spreads out into the sea, so that was down to them. Even a small map with dots and city names and the route of the Nile would help.

Whew! I just finished reading all 6 in order and have had to return from Eighteenth Dynasty Egypt. I had the "I wish there were more books in this series" feeling as I progressed towards the endings of #5 and #6. If you are a history nut who loves ancient Egypt, this should be a very enjoyable adventure. Even if all you know of Egypt is the name of King Tut, you too would find the adventure exciting (and might learn some cool facts in the process)."

Miss T. 'Book A Day Teacher' Amazon Review:

All six books in the Egyptian Series "Scarab" can be purchased through Kindle Amazon Books. The series is a highly recommended read that is being considered for a television series.

Editor for Rolling Seas - Pamela Faye.

When Good fights Evil there has to be only one Winner!

WARNING: This book is not for everyone. "Ascension" by Max Overton.

Book Review by Dr Bob Rich.

"I've just read the Prologue for Ascension and I'm caught! This is Writing.

I never thought I could have liking and sympathy for a Nazi, a member of the SS responsible for rounding up and killing Jews during the Holocaust. Max Overton has managed to achieve this miracle. He has told the story of a good, decent man caught in the evil web of Nazi Germany, forced to do his work as a police officer in a thoroughly immoral way, gradually sucked into horrific crimes in the name of the State.

This book is not for everyone: you need a strong stomach to read the unvarnished truth of crimes of the Second World War. However, a valuable lesson is that ordinary, decent people can be subverted by the lies of those in authority, in the way this is happening right now, in our times.

In 1971, Zimbardo published The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil, based on the famous Stanford Prison experiment. Like his student participant prison guards Max's hero Konrad slipped into the demands of his situation. Eventually, through suffering himself, he surmounted this and chose honesty and dignity even in the face of torture and death.

So the story ends with the triumph of good over evil, and this makes it worthwhile to read through the terrible parts. With the warning I have given, I can thoroughly recommend this wonderfully written book."

"Ascension" by Max Overton is available through Kindle at Amazon.

Amazon Book Review by Wozzi

"We Came from Konigsberg" Novel by Max Overton - Major print publishers should snatch this author up!

May 2013 - International: The Australian author Max Overton should have at least one major publisher rushing to sign his books to mass print publication with the latest review for "Konigsberg" on Amazon Books, one of the largest booksellers, if not the top seller of books in the world.

Acclaimed Review for: "We Came From Konigsberg" Amazon (Kindle Edition): "Based on a real family and events in the closing months of WW2, Max Overton excels at telling the dramatic flight of one brave woman with 5 young boys, before the onslaught of the Russian Army. The drama is told warts and all, yet with sensitive insights into personal perspectives and attitudes of the day, which reflects the very sound research done by Max Overton. This book should be compulsory reading for anyone who has not witnessed the degradation of human values experienced during war and the devastating effect on those left behind...women and children."

It is not only reviews like these for "Konigsberg" but reviews for Max Overton's "Scarab" series that carry the continual flow of accolades through Kindle Downloads while more and more readers choose to read through iPads and Readers. For those who still love to hold a book in their hands these stories are whispers in the wind of the enormous talent of the author with more than fourteen novels to his credit. All available through Amazon Books and published by Writers Exchange Australia.

Breenie from Amazon Reviews wrote of "Konigsberg": "Written with incredible sensitivity. Based on the true story of a wonderful mother who leads and protects her children on an overland journey from Konigsberg to Berlin through one of the worst winters ever recorded, keeping them ahead of the approaching Russian Army during World War 2. I didn't want it to end and shed some tears at the finish."

Bookworm Review for "Konigsberg": "Max Overton has again taken me on an adventure, this time in a more recent historical time than his Scarab series (which I loved), one that is filled with drama, but in the middle of the drama is a tale of a very courageous woman. Mr Overton's meticulous research into the events of WWII, and his descriptions of day to day life, puts you right there with Mutti and her five children as they flee from Konigsberg to the West, in the midst of a freezing winter, no food, no shelter, only what can be found on the journey, and then the brutal atrocities unavoidable in war torn Europe. This story is based on real people, real events and comes from a different perspective than most stories set in WWII. The story is both heart wrenching and heart warming, and an impossible book to put down, until the emotional end. Loved it, recommend it, a must read. Thank you again Mr Overton for taking me on a journey into the past."

Dr. Bob Rich wrote about "Konigsberg": "This is such a beautiful book. The first thing to grab my attention was the beautiful, crystal clear writing. Not a word is wasted, sentences are easy to read so that the reader can focus in on the content, and the powerful emotions elicited in a subtle, understated way. This is writing from a position of empathy and compassion, and will get the reader to feel the same. This content is well worth focusing on: a very real, very realistic tale of survival: one fine woman with intelligence and determination, walking with her five young children through the repeating hell of the advancing Red Army and the retreating Germans. The narrative is mostly in the third person, but there are passages in which Elisabet speaks to us herself, and I found these to be the most illuminating about the culture she came from. People nowadays can't understand how the great mass of ordinary, decent German people could have supported Hitler. Her passages, written with sensitivity and insight, provide a window into their thinking, and this is very relevant for our times, because the same processes can take place any time, in any society.

You must read this book, it's a keeper. You will want to read it again."

With a list of exciting adventures to Max Overton's credit: "The Scarab Series", "The Glass House" Trilogy - signed to option for movie production - "The Lion of Scythia" Trilogy, The Demon Series "Rakshasa" and "Djinn", and signed to option for movie production "A Cry of Shadows", plus "The Adventures of a Small Game Hunter in Jamaica", and two works in progress "Tulpa" and "Tausert", one of the major publishers needs to take a chance on this brilliant author for mass print publication, and see past safe tried and true ways to co-sign with Writer's Exchange for the mass print publication of all of Overton's works so they are available on bookshelves around the world.

Max Overton has nothing to prove as a writer, this author is one of the greatest storytellers there are - one the world needs to embrace as one of the greatest authors of our time.

Rolling Seas ET News Editor Pamela Faye

Children's Book Review by Chris Guardino L.A.

"The Adventures of Be Bop the Mouse" A Christmas Treat

L.A. November 2012: "The Adventures of Bebop the Mouse" by Dominique Daniels is truly a Christmas Treat for the young and the young at heart! A stuffed toy of Bebop the Mouse peeking out from a Christmas stocking would be the icing on the cake. Toy companies should be inspired to take up the challenge for Dee's children's story.

I can imagine "The Adventures of Bebop the Mouse" as an animated short film. Any film producers reading this review here's your opportunity.

Children's Book Review by Felicity Baker

November 2012 Australia: Once again Dee has produced a wonderful story! I really enjoyed reading about BeBop and the illustrations were fantastic.

Children's Book Reviews by Chris Guardino L.A. & Felicity Baker Australia ©

Review by Felicity Baker

"We Came from Konigsberg" - Author of 14 novels Max Overton - "Scarab" Egyptian Series - "Rakshasa" Indian Mythology.

Based on a true story from war-torn Europe in 1943 "We Came from Konigsberg" - Historic Fiction.

Review: I was drawn into this book from the first page and could not put it down. The story was quite confronting and altough it is a common occurence, I struggled to understand man's inhumanity to man.

Set in war time Germany, the reign of Hitler at it's peak, how does a German family survive with no food, no money and nowhere to call home?

These questions and many more are answered in great detail as you move through the German Countryside with Elisabet, her children, and various other characters that they meet along the way.

What makes the story so readable is that durnig such difficult times, the courage of Elisabet knew no bounds and she was going to protect her family no matter what. As with all the refugees, hunger, fear and exhaustion seemed to be part of the daily life as Elisbet and her family tried to get back to their beloved Konigsberg.

Throughout Elisabet's story you are taken on a journey with the Daecker family that will stir your emotions, you will laugh, cry and be angry at what this family and other refugees had to endure just to survive each day.

A well written account of the atrocities that have become a part of history that we would all like to forget, and the struggle of the families that survived with great courage and spirit despite many attempts to grind them down.

Felicity Baker ©

Scarab Series - Reviewed by Elizabeth~N Amazon Books

Rave Reviews for Max Overton's Scarab Series - "The Amarnan Kings"

Review: Max Overton - Master Wordsmith. Honestly..... buy it!! Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! Then Wishlist the next four books in the series, put the kettle on and get ready for a REAL story.

It was captivating and thought provoking. This book is just one "chapter" of a long lifetime which is covered from start to finish through the five books in the series. My review today is not only about this book but the entire series.

Max Overton has taken a name that history has remembered only twice and blown the breath of life into a strong, vibrant young woman. Her entire life....with all the hardship, the betrayals, the scheming plotting relatives, the love, the loss, the fear, the joy, the....LIFE! Life in all its ugly, painful, joyous, beautiful, messy glory.

The style of writing is very clever and very insightful. Max Overton has shared a lot of historical fact throughout the story adding authenticity to Scarab's life. At other times, he's drawn on Biblical inspiration and raised some interesting questions.

The story is told not purely from Scarab's point of view, but occasionally switches to other significant characters too, giving us some insight into their motives and mannerisms. I didn't notice any typo's or grammatical errors.

Great plot - heaps of twists along the way.

Fascinating characters - whom I either loved and loathed depending on their role in the story. I don't think I've ever hated a "bad guy" more than Ay.

Beautiful setting(s) - makes me want to buy a plane ticket and see it for myself but I was there... I saw Kemet! I saw the White Walls and the temples, I saw the hot desert and I sailed the river along with Scarab. It takes a true wordsmith to take you back to ancient Kemet.

Some fascinating theories about the Exodus.... it's so plausible. It takes a great mind to piece all of that together and tell such a wonderful story in such a skilful manner.

The start and close of each book is set in 1940's (...or was it the 30's....??) Syria and by the end of the series I was deeply invested in the archaeological team despite their "small" part in the story. That was clever Mr Overton....that was just pure unadulterated clever.

Reviewed by Elizabeth~N - Amazon Books

Review by James Ashton - Wales UK

Scarab - Amarnan Kings Book 4 - "Ay"

September 21st 2012: As an Egyptologist, I did not expect the Scarab series to be factual and I was not wrong. The author has taken the known history of the Amarna Period and clothed it with fascinating tales of the well known characters.

I could not find any factual errors except in minor detail. The stories take on a life of their own and the most unlikely scenarios develop (Tutankhamun fighting with Smenkhare to the deaths of both of them, but why not? We don't have evidence to the contrary! Ay takes his conventional role and becomes Pharaoh, marrying Ankesenamun).

I could not put these books down (or, at least, my Kindle). A delightful series by someone who has a deep knowledge of the 18th Dynasty and particularly of Amarna. My best read for a long time.

Reviewed by James Ashton © - Amazon Books

Review by Writer/Reader - Amazon

Somewhat Soapy. Great Battle Scenes! Scarab: Book 5 "Horemheb"

September 2012: Scarab - Amarnan Kings: "Horemheb" (Kindle Edition). All the books in the "Scarab Series" sparkle into amazing vitality when the writer enters into the military genre. The soldiers and bandits are vivid and alive. Aziru is a living, breathing bad boy, (his struggle in the desert after the loss of his hand is AMAZING WRITING), Horemheb and Ramses have energy and guts and the Hittites kick ass. The battle scenes are exciting and wonderfully engaging. The research is awesome.

Reviewed by Writer/Reader © - Amazon

Review by Bookworm - Amazon

What a Journey! "Rakshasa" by Max Overton

October 2012: Rakshasa(Kindle Edition). Northern India and its inhabitants are the basis of this book containing multiple stories of ordinary people, and how they are affected by the Demon Rakshasa. Max Overton presents an unexpected story of a demon in transition. The stories are interposed with a first person account from the Demon, of the part he plays in these peoples lives, where you learn that he begins a transition from a hateful demon with all that implies, into a being that begins to realise he can be something other than an angry, spiteful and harmful demon.

As a result of Max Overton's meticulous research and obvious vivid imagination readers are given an insight into the daily lives of people with his stories that span Indian history from the semi-mythical days of the Mahabharata to modern day tourists. There are tales of the Indian Mutiny, of a Sultan of Delhi, of kings and woodcutters, holy men and little English girls, Buddhist priests and ironworkers, farmers and mountaineers - a tapestry of life in Uttarakhand down the ages where a demon walks through the lives of ordinary men and women.

Historical fiction certainly, but so much more. A tale of lives visible and invisible, where realism and fantasy were seamlessly woven together. Wonderful stories, and a fascinating concept altogether. I highly recommend this book.

Reviewed by Bookworm © - Amazon


Rolling Seas - Associate Producer Pamela Faye - Rolling Seas Productions

MP Book Cover for the Native American Historic Fiction novel "Chetan" - Author Pamela Faye

Twice Printed and Published in the USA: Historic Fiction - "Chetan"
Cover Art: "Sacred Chief" by Marianne "Caroselli" USA.
Released at the New York BookExpo 2002
The author attended with Electric Umbrella Publishing
Print Published by Mundania Press USA.
'I am the voice of the Sawanwa Spirit who has seen many things come to pass.'

Reviewed by Mark Baker:

Everlasting words from spiritfires that burn brightly.

"What can mere words say about such a powerful and insightful novel? The author transported this reader back to the 1800's, allowed him to see the trees, feel the wind on his face and smell the scents of the forest. She conjured images that made me feel I was an eyewitness to the tale as it unfolded, rather than just reading about it."

"This novel shows the power of the spirit of the author, and I for one, look forward to future novel".

Mark Baker ©.

Mundania Press USA:
"Chetan" was published for the second time by Mundania Press USA.
Thank you sincerely to both publishers for believing in the author's ability to bring tears to all eyes with this historic story of America.
Thank you to Marianne "Caroselli" for the artwork that depicts the depths of the storytelling within.
"Chetan" was freed from print publication contracts to chase the vision of movie production for the producers of Rolling Seas Productions.

Some stories are as timeless as the spirit fires who guide us all.

Signed Copies of the book are available through Rolling Seas. Electronic copy available for Producers & Directors.


Script Consultant/Screenwriter: Dan Guardino Los Angeles USA.
< Producer: Josette Perrotta Canada.

Stunt Director:Vic Armstrong UK & USA.

Producer/Director: Charlie Picerni Sr. New York & Los Angeles USA.

Music and Movie ProducerMichael Z. Gordon USA.

Producer/Director Brian Skiba New York USA.

Sports Commentator/AuthorJohn Dybvig New Zealand.

Publisher: Past Times Books.

Author: Max Overton Australia. Author of 14 books - "Glass House" Trilogy.

Publishers: Mundanie Press, Double Dragon, Writer's Exchange.
Book Cover Designer/Photographer: Julie NapierAustralia.

Rolling Seas Book & Movie Reviews

Review by Chris Guardino USA.
Children's Story - Age One to Early Readers - Educational.

"The Pirate Ship Alphabet" By Dominique Daniels Dee.

Review - May 2012: Dominique Daniels has outdone herself in The Pirate Ship Alphabet - Book Four in the Aussie Childen's book series.

Very young children will be instantly drawn to the colorful illustrations of alphabet letters as actual characters. Parents and teachers will have an innovative book to make learning fun. Older Children will have an imaginative fantasy adventure story to read. Even adults will be drawn in by the creative dialogue and folk art illustrations.

This is truly a book for all ages.

Chris Guardino USA ©.

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