Mark Baker

Born in country New South Wales, Mark joined the Defence Forces at the age of 18. Having spent the next 23 years of his life travelling around the world in various roles, he has now settled down in his adopted state of South Australia.

Being one of Pamela Faye's biggest fans, the honour of working with her as the Managing Director for Rolling Seas Promotions was jumped at eagerly.

Mark's dreams of taking Rolling Seas Promotions to the forefront of the industry make him an asset to the company.

Mark's Review of Chetan:

What can mere words say about such a powerful and insightful novel? The author transported this reader back to the 1800s, allowed him to see the trees, feel the wind upon his face, and smell the scents of the forests. She conjured images that made me feel I was an eyewitness to the tale as it unfolded, rather than just reading about it.

This novel shows the power and the spirit of the author, and I for one, look forward to future novels.
--Mark Baker

Mark Baker
Managing Director
PO Box 262
Fulham Gardens SA 5024



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