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Aussie Children's Book Series - Book 6: "Harlequin & Jewels"

Small Creatures with Enormous Characters

November 2013 - International: Reviews for children's books don't get much better than the one Chris Guardino, L.A., wrote yesterday for the newly released book "Bugs & Beetles - Harlequin & Jewels", Book 6 in the Aussie Children's Book Series from the author and illustrator Dominique Daniels -(Dee).

Here is what the Children's book reviewer had to say: "Dominique Daniels weaves fantasy and facts into the unique story titled �Bugs and Beetles - Harlequin & Jewels.� A fantasy world of bugs and beetles emerge in the light of a hot Australian spring day. Vibrant colors dazzle in the sunlight as bugs and beetles on a Mulberry tree compete with Tilda the horse for leaves. Harlequin and Jewels, a beetle and a bug, come to life as they annoy Tilda and try to avoid predators. Budding young scientists will discover a wealth of facts about bugs and beetles and perhaps be encouraged to expand their knowledge with further research. Books one through six in this series would be a wonderful addition for libraries and home collections. I would love to see the brilliant jewel colored illustrations become available as posters and prints. The colors are reminiscent of Paul Gauguin's paintings. The illustrations are truly works of art." Chris Guardino - L.A. Reviewer.

For the release of Book 6 in the Aussie Children's Book Series, Published by Rolling Seas Publishing, all six books have been gifted on the table for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2013 with half-price Amazon Kindle downloads for all children to enjoy around the world.

For Early Readers, and Educational purposes for teaching young children that there is a place in this world for all living creatures, be they great and small, Harlequin and Jewels are bugs and beetles with enormous characters who lift from the realms of storytelling to shout, "Remember I'm here and watch where you're putting your clodhopping hooves!"

Arising from a world filled with magic and wonder the author Dominique Daniels (Dee) is a creative mystery unto himself. The Pied Piper is more than likely one of (Dee's) distant relatives.

Rolling Seas ET Editor Pamela Faye

Another Wilbur Smith in Max Overton!

International: The Aussie author Max Overton has done it again! Not only is the Egyptian "Scarab" series being considered for option for movie production but yet another review for "Scarab" this week has S.F. Thompson proclaiming Book 6 "Scarab - Descendant" is a Fantastic Finale! to the series.

Thompson said in his book review on Amazon on Friday, "What a great end to one of the best series of books I have ever read! I've read book 1 to 6, (in the Amarnan Kings Series) end to end, and feel lost now the journey is over. Every book in this series has kept me enthralled from start to finish and the way Max writes puts you right into the story with vivid descriptions of life in Egypt in those times. I have lived through all Scarab's experiences and feel Max writes with passion and a great knowledge of the times. Praise must be given to these books and I look forward to reading many more of Overton's books. I urge everybody to read them!"

Overton's style of writing could only be described as that of the complexity of Wilbur Smith. No matter what book he's written, all these characters leap out from the pages to capture the spirit of the storytelling and hold the reader captive through the turmoil that unfolds throughout brilliant storytelling.

This week found Max Overton's latest published book "We Came from Konigsberg" being nominated as a FINALIST in the 2014 EPIC Ebook Awards for historic fiction. Writer's Exchange published "Konigsberg" earlier this year and from the perspective of a reviewer who has read Overton's latest release this reflection was offered, " The strength of this German woman is only tested when she faces the worst of adversities during WWII and lives to tell of the heartache pain. It's an incredibly evocative story that keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end!"

Max Overton was asked this week what allowed him to write such gripping tales from history's past. Here is what he had to say. "I research a lot and when I write my unconscious dips into the collective unconscious of humanity. It is as if I am there in ancient Egypt, or the time of Alexander the Great, or historical India, or the Second World War, or inside those chilling tales of the present or near future. Once the characters come to life I write what they allow me to see.

At the time I wrote "We Came From Konigsberg" some of the people in it were still alive so this helped. I could talk to them, delve into their memories and build up a picture of those terrible times in the Winter and Spring of 1945. As a writer I have the ability to see what they saw, feel the cold, hunger and fear that they felt, experience the joy and relief at winning through to safety after the horrors of war.

Currently I'm writing again about ancient Egypt. This time, going back to when Egypt trembled as Ramesses the Great died and a series of pharaohs tried to stem the tide of destruction sweeping over the House of Ramesses. These books will be a trilogy titled "Fall of the House of Ramesses". The first in the series, "Merenptah" should be finished in early 2014. Another book I want to complete is "Tulpa", a story set in North Queensland where teenagers playing with psychic forces create an entity they can't control."

If any author can portray psychic forces at work Max Overton can with nineteen published works to his credit! The Australian author is one of the greatest writers the literary world has to offer. It may only be in decades to come that the publishing world acknowledges Overton's vast contribution to the world of literature. Readers have already discovered a gem in Max Overton's works. Producers offering options for production see the future unfolding before them while reviewers who delve out Literary Awards find it hard not to take the characters in Overton's books to heart. Overton's works can only be compared to the creativity of Wilbur Smith.

Rolling Seas ET Editor Pamela Faye

Charlie Picerni Sr. - Warner Brothers "GETAWAY" in Cinemas Now! - Action shot from the movie "GETAWAY".

What an adrenaline rush! Get In, Get Out, GETAWAY!

International: With "GETAWAY" opening in cinemas on the Labor Day weekend Charlie Picerni Sr., the Action Choreographer and Stunt Coordinator for the Warner Brothers production, was asked about the action packed movie set to premiere on 30th August 2013. Starring Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez, Jon Voight takes on the role of 'The Voice' to order Brent Magna behind the wheel of a Shelby Mustang and follow orders if he ever wants to see his kidnapped wife again.

The Shelby Super Snake Mustang used for the chases in "GETAWAY" was made by Shelby especially for the filming of this production. Charlie Picerni explained, "We spent three months filming the action scenes in Sofia, Bulgaria, before the interiors were shot." When asked about the car Ethan Hawke takes on, Picerni had this to add, "The car was fitted with a special handbrake for sliding and heavy duty Shock. There were many close shaves during filming. The timing for the train sequence was critical." If the trailer for "GETAWAY" is any indication of the action packed film, adrenalin junkies are going to love this ride!

Directed by Courtney Solomon for After Dark Films and Dark Castle Entertainment, the film is an adrenaline rush from beginning to end! Charlie Picerni said this about the choreography and timing for the action shots, "It required pure focus and total awareness because of all the people we were dealing with. All the crash scenes in the movie are real!" Only the story is fiction for the blockbuster "GETAWAY".

The sound track chosen for the movie is the Christmas favorite "Jingle Bell Rock" written by Joel Beal and Jim Boothe. Joel Silver is just one of the Executive Producers to keep audiences on the edge of seats with the latest action packed Warner Brothers release "GETAWAY".

Charlie Picerni Sr. is credited with box office movie hits such as "LETHAL WEAPON 2 & 3" and "DIE HARD 1 & 2". Picerni said, "The stunt double used for Ethan Hawke was my son Steven Picerni and my older son Chuck drove some of the chase cars."

Picerni uses pure focus and total awareness to deliver explosive entertainment to adrenaline surging films. In 2014 Charlie Picerni is expected to work with Michael Z. Gordon and Dan Guardino as one of the producers for the follow-up to the box office hit "NARC - SUDDEN REFLEX".

Rolling Seas ET News Editor Pamela Faye.

Peace is Might. The Solace Crow dares to be understood.

International: When a person goes to hell and back inspiration is not hard to find in the darkness of night. Fear has long been mastered yet the solace crow still fights to be understood. Born with creative genes the young writer Drac Nevets has faced the best and worst life has to offer, to all mankind, while searching the universe for the true understanding of life itself. It's a story that most people are confronted by but few come to grips with while 'the beautiful noise coming off of the streets' finds the human race lost in the maze.

When ask what inspired "The Solace Crow" Drac Nevets had this to say, "This piece was inspired during a moment of clarity and reflection of a life I once had. I'm basically saying that with good is bad but no matter what the outcome, that fighting spirit on your shoulder will always guide you into a grateful transition for your next journey. The solace crow transcends in many dimensions and leads us to the real answers through mother earth and her natural selection. I hope people see their equally amazing stories unfold through the sharing of my thoughts. Namaste Drac Nevets.

Written during the darkest of nights when silence befalls the solace crow, Drac Nevets delivers the depth of understanding lost in the madness of everyday life. To be able to see with distant vision allows the writer to bring meaning to a world where nothing is 'set in stone', other than we will be born, and one day leave this world as silently as we came.

Hanging ten from the top of Smokin' waves is the way Drac Nevets lives his life. It shows with every line of verse he creates, it is the rushing sigh of waves rolling to shore with a message from the universe. The writer slides through the curve of green water with the wind in his hair and the voice of creativity delivering its message. It is the youth of today speaking from the voice of wisdom through "The Solace Crow". It's the voice we hear in the distance yet seldom stop to contemplate.

Looking over Nevet's shoulder a guiding light is ever present. Drac Nevets is one poet that not only understands the solace crow but delivers verse to speak clearly, all is not as we perceive it to be.

This world is destined to hear a lot more from the brilliant writer Drac Nevets who tattoos his life from the depths of meaning for all to see. 'For peace is might'. 'For peace is might' is one message the world is yet to embrace, hopefully the voice of the solace crow will not go unheard this time.

The Solace Crow

Like a fresh picked apple and that first juicy bite,
I love an Autumn's night while spewing out art into the dense dark light.
I hear drums in my head wailing to me things that are written are often not said.
With a skip in the trees above the canopy of grudge, I soar to glide into the box kite of trust.
Paint the picture if you thrill, as time rewinds to play on yet still.
Drift a dream to Mother Shine as her blue light opens communications tonight.
Shared of float souls collide on whips and whims for Peace is Might.

By Drac Nevets

Hopefully this modern-day message from the writer Drac Nevets will be heard by generations yet to come and the six billion people who grace this planet where 'The beautiful noise coming off of the streets' embraces not only the solace crow, but all nations.

Rolling Seas ET News Editor Pamela Faye

Love is the Music - So why don't Nations see?

International: When the world's nations refuse to hear the message gifted from the Universe for billions of years, more than one voice is shouting out loud to be heard. The latest is the Australian author Dominique Daniels.

"A soul can be born with limited abilities yet music often flows through these fingertips with no training to astound this world." Daniels said, "Nations around the world bush this miracle aside as a phenomenon that remains a mystery. There is no mystery only the lack of understand to actually see what is before all eyes. Love is the music that lives in perfect harmony with life itself."

When speaking about the verse the author created for Mother's Day 2013, Dominique Daniels added, "If the human race could see this then possibly peace would come to the world."

With the world living under the threat of an Armageddon of one kind or another, either man made, or from the earth's volatile structure that is forever moving or exploding skywards from volcanos, the children's author Dominique Daniels (Dee), - who delivers stories for future generations about the beauty of the world and the wonder of wildlife it possesses - now delivers the one message to nations that is deeply embedded in every soul. Love is the music that transcends all languages and barriers. For all the hearts that break every time an innocent soul falls Love is the Music that all nations need to hear through the pouring rain.

Love is the music that holds no refrain,
Living in hearts through sunshine and rain.
Play all the music our souls need to hear,
Give us the freedom to soar far and near.

There are no restrictions to the music we hear,
It comes from a place that never holds fear.
So play all the music, let it ring loud and clear,
Rolling from the Universe over billions of years.

Sing its soft melodies, the rhythm of life,
Carried on rainbows from visions of light.
Give us the power to understand all,
For love is the music that lifts us when we fall.

For the first time in twenty-four years the rock band Aerosmith are touring Australia - April and May of 2013: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane - and there's not a more fitting soundtrack from the movie "Armageddon" for the world to hear than, "I don't want to miss a thing" YouTube. Aerosmith have been acclaimed as 'An unstoppable force of nature' on ToneDeaf, and that says it all. No matter what music you love, it all comes from the heart where love and music walk hand in hand to deliver this strong message to the world.

Rolling Seas ET News Editor Pamela Faye

Is this Proof we Live more than One Lifetime!

International: When Lee Ashford wrote the review on Readers' Favorite for Max Overton's "Scarab-Horemheb", Ashford said what 71 other book reviewers have already suggested on Amazon Books. How do you create such a story without having been there to see it unfold for yourself.

Overton does just that! He sets the spirits of the dead free from their Tombs to speak of jealousy, greed, power and the battles for supremacy that surround Egyptian Gods and Pharaohs.

Lee Ashford said this of the author on Barnes and Noble Readers' Favorite: "Scarab - Horemheb: The Amarnan Kings" Book 5 by Max Overton is another exciting and action-packed episode in the life of the fictional Scarab, a daughter, sister, niece, mother, wife, and grandmother to various Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. This chapter in her life continues to narrate many and varied adventures and misadventures with which she had to cope.

Overton writes as if he himself were present during the life of Scarab. He draws upon a wealth of knowledge about ancient Egypt, and communicates such details as to make it necessary to keep reminding oneself this is fiction.

In a masterful touch, Overton incorporates Biblical accounts from the book of Exodus into his fictional tale, adding another layer of authenticity to the entire series. Scarab experienced numerous acts of supernatural intervention in her life, as did her brother, Yahmose, from different gods of the time, consistent with many Biblical records.

Overton's ardent devotion to the authentic depiction of ancient Egyptian royalty, and the incessant threat of subterfuge, deception, and disloyalty even among family members, rings so true that one can scarcely understand how he could come by his knowledge.

This story is not some mediocre fictional account cultivated from some dream he had; rather, this reads like a true historical presentation told in such a way as to consume the reader's full attention, and place him in the thick of the action. It may well instigate sleep deprivation in the reader, owing to an unquenchable need to continue reading until he reaches the end. Everyone with an inkling of interest in ancient Egypt must read the epic tale of Scarab and the Amarnan Kings."

With several of Max Overton's books signed to option for movie production it is to be expected that it will not to be too long before audiences are chilled to the bone in Cinemas while watching the master of gripping tales arrest hearts.

Rolling Seas ET News Editor Pamela Faye

Author Max Overton 2013 EPIC Award Finalist with "Scarab - Tutankhamen"

International: Trail Blazing a path towards another EPIC Award for excellence in storytelling through eBooks, the Australian author of 24 books, Max Overton has been selected as one of four historic fiction authors nominated as a Finalist in the category of Historical Fiction for the yearly eBook Awards at EPICON to be held in Vancouver, Washington, from March 14th to 16th 2013.

At the gala ceremony celebrating eBook publishers and published authors, eBook Awards for all genres of storytelling are to be presented, along with the Ariana eBook Cover Art Awards for best book cover designs, at the coming 2013 EPIC Awards.

With rave book reviews flowing in from Amazon's Kindle eBook readers for the "Scarab" Series, Max Overton was overjoyed to be chosen as one of the Finalists for a 2013 EPIC Award. "Scarab - Tutankhamen" is Book 3 in the six book Egyptian Series "Scarab - The Amarnan Kings". Book 1 and 2 commence the series with "Akhenaten" and "Smenkhkare" Book 4, 5 and 6 follow with "Ay", "Horemheb" and "Descendant". All are compelling reads from this accomplished author.

One review from C Barton Amazon Books shows why Max Overton is one of Australia's great writers: "I've followed the series for years. Max Overton creates a skillful weave of factual history with a compelling fictional story. The books are long but keep the reader immersed in ancient Egypt." Other Amazon reviews for Max Overton's books have been posted onto the Rolling Seas Movie and Book Review page for the praise this author has gained from many of his books.

When asked about his published works and future books, Max Overton had this to say, "I am turning my mind toward my next project, now that "Lion of Scythia" from The Scythian Series has been released through Writers Exchange. I think I might even go with "Tulpa" - a horror story set in a Townsville-like town." Also known for chiller thriller stories Overton is certain to send shivers up readers' spines in the near future. Winner of the 2005 Best Historical Fiction EPIC Award for "The Golden King", and the 2006 Best Historical Fiction EPIC Award for "Funeral of Babylon", from the "Lion of Scythia" Series, Max Overton's writing style flows as freely as the Nile River itself.

Max Overton is more than 'just another published author', he has proven to be a great historic fiction storyteller. The latest historic fiction novel from Overton, "Konigsberg", is the true story of a German woman who flees on foot with her children during WWII - a compelling story destined for one of the world's major print publishers to release in bookstores worldwide.

Rolling Seas ET News Editor Pamela Faye

London 1909 - Suffragette - Martha Douglas - Scottish Author Miller Caldwell

The Life of Martha Douglas released in the UK - Monochrome photo heritage priceless.

UK: A direct descendant from the Scottish poet Robert Burns who penned "Address to a Haggis" in 1786, the Scottish author Miller Caldwell has released his fifth novel, based on the true story of "The Life of Martha Douglas" in the early 1900's, through Netherholm Publication UK . Dividing his time between producing novels and his work as a writer-in-residence at the Dumfries Prison, Miller Caldwell also wrote the WW11 story "Operation Oboe" and "Restless Waves".

The novel "The Life of Martha Douglas" came about after Miller Cladwell's great uncle, Royal photographer David Harvie died in 1916 to see the author's mother inherit Harvie's portfolio of monochrome snapshots and her story. Not only a trained nurse in Glasgow, but also a seamstress at Buckingham Palace, Martha Douglas stood up for the equality of the sexes in London during 1909 and 1917, and as a suffragette found herself imprisoned during the fight. On the outbreak of WW1 Martha is sent to the trenches where she endures a harrowing three years before meeting her future New Zealand husband when he is injured in battle. Martha nurses the war-torn soldier back to health before returning with him to the South Pacific.

Miller Caldwell said of those dramatic years during the war, "There are many monochrome snapshots of WW1, some of the wounded, and of course many of the soldiers are from Australia and New Zealand. We will never forget them. We owe our freedom to these courageous men."

Two other books complete the collection for the Glasgow author Miller Caldwell - "Betrayal in the Nith", a romantic novel set on the river in the southwest of Scotland, along with "The Last Shepherd", with its rural Scottish setting.

A Review by Susan Railbrook for "The Life of Martha Douglas" predicts a great read. "A simply wonderful story recalling the life of Martha Douglas. Surely this is a story which should be made into a successful film? Through all her trials and misfortunes, her determination shines through whether in prison or the Palace. I thoroughly recommend you to read this book and it will be your favourite for the year."

Rolling Seas ET News Editor Pamela Faye

Max Overton & Julie Napier 2012 Townsville Literary Festival © Fairlie Sandilands

North Queensland Literary Festival to be a Yearly Event

Australia: Authors gathered on the beachfront of the Strand earlier this month for the First ever Townsville Literary Festival. Sunshine and blue skies filled the tropical air with the sweet scent of blooms on shady trees and the songs of birds. Max Overton, author of twenty books was one of the authors who attended with the release of Book 5 in the Scarab Series of Egyptian stories published by Writers Exchange. Literary tents were set up with displays of books and a large section of the Literary Festival set aside for a library and children's activities. The laughter of children mingled with the chatter of adults wandering around reading the blurbs of books and delving into the pages of fiction created from the realms of all genres.

Max Overton spoke about his life as a published author, "At the literary festival questions were asked about the writing process that goes into producing a novel, and where my ideas originate. The answer to both questions is as diverse as the creativity that goes into any book. Inspiration can arise from everyday events, from a chance encounter, or a consideration of a 'What If' moment, as well as the deliberate plotting of a storyline. One thing is certain, it is all too easy for a writer to lock themselves away and commune just with the characters of their books. As an author I welcome the opportunity to get out into the real world to talk to readers and find out what it is they are searching for in a story as well as telling them about my latest creation."

Book Cover designer Julie Napier also attended, displaying artwork depicting the storytelling within Max Overton's compelling novels. Julie said of book cover designing, "A book's cover is the first thing a reader sees so it's important the cover design conveys an accurate portrayal of the story within and invites avid book readers to embrace the adventure. Rather than me just being the reader and critic of Max's books we confer on what best describes the story then I set about designing the cover for him. A book cover has to satisfy the creator of the story as well as the designer, and ultimately market that book to its full potential."

Coffee table books on the Outback, fantasy novels, thrillers, historical fiction and a myriad of children's picture books were on display at the 2012 Townsville Literary Festival. The only thing that appeared to be missing were picnic baskets and blankets for people to sit in the shade and enjoy Sunday's relaxation with a great story. On the day ABC interviewed Saffron Bryant who wrote her first novel, a fantasy titled the "Lost Child Saga", while recuperating from a brain tumour operation. The Australian author is studying for her Masters degree in Biomedical science at the acclaimed James Cook University.

Max Overton reflected on the success of the First Literary Festival in Townsville, "The Council plans on repeating the Literary Festival next year, by then I will have five Scarab books in the Amarnan Kings Series in print, plus Sequestered, Rakshasa and Djinn. My USA publisher Mundania Press is expected to rerelease in print my earlier books from the "Glass House" and "Lion of Scythia" trilogies. At the 2013 Literary Festival I will have copies of "Glass House", "A Glass Darkly", "Looking Glass", "Lion of Scythia", "The Golden King", "Funeral in Babylon", and "A Cry of Shadows" to add to the display of books presented. For authors, this literary festival was a celebration of books where we enjoyed speaking with readers and discussing the creative art that goes into producing fiction."

After the success of the First Townsville Literary Festival it is expected to become a regular event for authors to showcase their books and speak with the public about the life of a writer. Writing emerges from pure inspiration when living in the tropics. The Townsville Literary Festival will be a gala event for both authors and readers alike to embrace in future.

Rolling Seas ET News Editor Pamela Faye

Max Overton - One of Australia's great authors

Australia and USA - May 2012: To be classed as one of the greatest writers of this time is an honor bestowed on few Australian authors yet to stand on the launch pad of mass print publication, though Max Overton is proving even without the world's leading print publishers running with mass publication he is achieving this status.

Max Overton has written stories that range from the Valley of the Nile to the Himalayas and the United States, the Caribbean to Europe, through the Middle East to Australia. The author's talent is unquestionable with another two of his stories released this month in eBook for fans to enjoy. Writers Exchange Ebooks has just published Book 4 in the Amarnan Kings series: "Scarab-Ay" while Double Dragon Publishing released "Rakshasa". Egypt to India, these stories are filled with the mystery and mythology of both cultures.

Author of 24 books Max Overton has proven to be a storyteller sought out by both American and Australian publishers. The list of Overton books already published include the "Glass House" trilogy signed to movie production with the American director/producer Charlie Picerni Sr. This mystery paranormal is set to be filmed in Queensland with actors from Australia and America already committed to roles.

Max Overton spoke about the Egyptian Series "Scarab-Ay", "The Scarab Series is set in the rich lands of the Nile Valley in the time of the heretic king, Akhenaten. The King's sister Beketaten (Scarab) grows up in troubled times when the gods of Egypt are overthrown and enemies beset the Double Kingdom on every border. The series follows a young Egyptian girl who must mature quickly if she is to survive these tumultuous times. Akhenaten is overthrown, his successor goes missing and the boy-king Tutankhamen comes to the throne of Egypt. In Book 4 Vizier Ay callously plots to kill the reigning Kings to make way for a kingdom ruled by him alone. Tutankhamen's battle-hardened sister Scarab sees through Ay's evil deceit and with the help of desert tribesmen and Egyptian Gods, joins forces with General Horemheb in an attempt to destroy his plans."

With an array of stories, from "The Lion of Scythia" to "Adventures of a Small Game Hunter in Jamaica", the latest book to emerge from the author Max Overton is the WW2 story "We Came From Konigsberg". Based on a true story, set in the dying stages of WW2, a mother flees East Prussia with her five sons only to be overtaken by the Russian army and subjected to extreme brutality before escaping to British-occupied Germany. Changing eras and cultures is something the author does with ease.

Book covers for the author's stories are created by Julie Napier, the talented photographer and cover artist who works with Max Overton to capture the heart of each story. These stories are the rivers that run deep through all continents.

Australian publisher, Writers Exchange E-Publishing and Double Dragon both have signed contracts with the author Max Overton for future publication of his works. Max had this to say about his life as an author, "I sometimes feel as if I have tapped into the collective unconscious of humanity. A story suggests itself and I can only follow along, being led by my characters to unsuspected destinations. My stories are as much an adventure for me as for any of my readers. There are many more stories clamouring for attention."

In a world where storytelling is the fantasy readers crave the Australian author is leaving his mark with an array of genres to thrill all audiences. Max Overton is undoubtedly one of the greatest Australian writers of our time.

Rolling Seas ET News Editor Pamela Faye

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